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Dr. Aastha Gupta

Address: New Delhi

Specialist: Infertility Specialist


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About Dr. Aastha Gupta

Infertility Specialist, New Delhi

Consultant , 04 years of experience


Dr Aastha Gupta is a well –known infertility specialist in Delhi.
She has completed her MBBS from the prestigious Mauling Azad Medical College &her post-graduation in obstetrics & Gynaecology from the renowned Delhi University.
Dr Gupta has received training in infertility & ART from the centre of human reproduction, New York and from National University Singapore.
She has performed more than 5000 ovum pick up procedure & has also assisted more than 4200 fertility enhancing endoscopy procedures.
Dr Gupta has also contributed to many studies in the research centre like stem cells in Asherman’s and repeated implant failure ,the role of G-CSF in poor endometrial lining & response ,the role of adjuvant therapies like prophylactic curettage etc.

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